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Voice 2.0 and the Rise of Intelligent Voice in CX

Join Rob Scott from CX Today alongside industry leaders, John C'de Baca from Five9 and Michael Windon from AT&T, as they delve into the critical topics reshaping the landscape of customer communications in the digital age. The panelists will explore the evolution of voice tech, the complexities in omnichannel experience and the revolution with AI and automation.


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The Rise of Video in the Contact Center: Building a Business Case for Video-Enabled Service

Consumers are moving away from focusing on simple voice and email interactions and instead exploring the benefits of immersive interactions enabled by video. Used correctly, video can empower agents to solve issues with more context, reduce business operating costs, and strengthen a brand’s reputation with its clients.


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Solving Communication Complexity Making Complex Simple With Zoom And Five9

This is an ebook created for business decision makers by UC Today and Five9. This insights report discusses how Five9 and Zoom are turning complexity into simplicity.


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