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Maximising returns: tech-enabled tax management for asset managers

Finance and tax leaders at asset managers face growing challenges when it comes to managing their tax commitments. They must navigate complex compliance challenges with evolving global tax regulations, better manage resources around taxes to ensure they don’t leave any money on the table. Produced by Raconteur and KPMG, this report explores how technology and local expertise can better enable asset management firms to create more efficient, effective tax management functions.
Report Asset Management
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The value exchange: how to successfully cultivate a loyal consumer base

Nurturing loyalty requires a strategic approach and a value exchange that rewards customers for giving brands their most valuable currency - data. Dive into the key findings from Marigold's 2024 Loyalty report, including the art of the win back, what's in it for consumers, and a real case study.
Article Customer Loyalty
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Brisbane: the perfect location for health events

With an estimated global market value of around $8trn, the healthcare services market is booming, with innovations in healthcare and medtech enhancing, transforming and saving lives around the world. And while the memories of the Covid-19 pandemic might be receding for many of us, there’s no doubt living through a global health emergency has given fresh impetus to the potential and importance of the healthcare and med tech industry worldwide. That means events in the sector are some of the most dynamic and exciting ones around. Read their latest report to learn more!
Report Digital Health
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Unlock Precision Welding: How to Master Dynamic Beam Laser Technology

The dynamic beam laser is an emerging solution in the field of welding. It offers unparalleled capabilities in shaping and adjusting the laser beam on-the-fly. Using this technology, the intensity distribution can be modulated and allows precise control of the melt pool. This on-webinar is designed to provide insights into dynamic beam laser welding, to help you understand the latest advancements in laser welding techniques, provide insights into the unique capabilities of dynamic beam lasers, and offer practical tips for enhancing welding efficiency and quality.
On-Demand Webinar Technology Research
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Choice, control, customisation: proving the effectiveness of affiliate marketing in uncertain times

With consumers wary of spending and companies hesitant about investing due to economic uncertainty, marketers are under pressure to make their budgets work harder and improve their ROI. The affiliate and partner marketing industry is constantly evolving, and brands need to move quickly and experiment and adjust their tactics to remain competitive. Download the full report, produced in partnership with Awin, to find out about shifts in consumers behaviour and how you can carve out an advantage over competitors.
Report Marketing Budgets
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How automated solutions can transform your performance marketing

Learn from industry experts such as Rodney Perry, head of data and Adtech UK, and Costanza Ghelfi, COO & Founder of ad-machina, on how to seamlessly integrate marketing expertise with innovative technology solutions. Explore real-world success stories showcasing remarkable ROAS improvements and cost-per-acquisition reductions across diverse industries. From multinational consumer electronics giants to global tourism groups, witness the tangible impact of ad-machina's AI-powered strategies. Download our whitepaper today and embark on a journey towards digital growth and success.
Whitepaper Marketing Strategy
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Broadcom's Industrial Time-of-Flight Sensor Solutions

Following an introduction to the working principle, watch this video to see the technology, which has been specifically developed for industrial applications which need high speeds, excellent accuracy, small size and reliable distance readings.  You will learn how Broadcom’s sophisticated ambient light suppression techniques enable the use of our sensors in outside environments (including in full sunlight) and you will see that the sensor produces reliable measurements against white, black, and coloured target surfaces as well as metallic and retro-reflective surfaces.  To conclude, we will show some typical applications and use-cases and how the AFBR-S50 sensors can be applied to solving specific and real-world problems.
On-Demand Webinar Sensors, Test & Measurement
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Strategies to Revolutionize Research with Seamless Data Access for Scientists

In this 30 minute webinar, Rob Brown, Senior Director Product Marketing at Sapio Sciences will take a closer look at laboratory data strategies that put scientists and research first. He’ll cover:
On-Demand Webinar Data Management System
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5 trends to update your B2B marketing strategy

From automation to APIs, this is how B2B brands can up their digital marketing game. Influencers. Generative AI. No more tracking cookies. The B2B marketing landscape has evolved dramatically over the past 12 months and strategies must reflect this.  With help from international digital marketing agency AccuraCast, we have explored five key trends in B2B digital marketing and provide you with the tools and insights to win more leads and sales to drive growth.
Whitepaper Marketing Automation Artificial Intelligence

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