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Create an experience that feels Just Like Home

Read this guide to discover how P&G Professional can help you create a safe and inviting home-like environment for your residents, with their trusted brands and specialized formulations designed for care homes.
Guide Customer Satisfaction
The Drum

How can your agency avoid the canceled pitch?

Agencies spend $12bn a year pitching, but a third of all pitches are canceled. Don’t be the agency who foots the bill. There’s plenty of advice to push back on the process, but where do you start? The Drum has done the hard work for you with a helpful guide full of actionable templates to help you: 1. qualify the opportunity 2. educate the client and 3. transfer the liability in any pitch situation.
Report Operational Efficiency
WordPress VIP

CMS: Separating What’s Real From the Hype

What are people really using their CMS for today? What should they be planning for in the future? And what hype should they ignore? As you plan for the new year, what considerations should you consider with regard to your CMS?   Join WordPress VIP CEO Nick Gernert and guest speaker Chuck Gahun, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to discuss key considerations for a CMS. Topics include:
On-Demand Webinar Content Management System (CMS)

The Power of NLP for Skills Visibility in 2024

As organizations navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital transformation, the focus on skills development takes center stage. And, in a world dominated by digital evolution, soft skills are emerging as the cornerstone of success. While AI offers incredible tools and automation, the human factor remains irreplaceable.
Webinar Digital Transformation
TMF Group

From complexity to clarity: Invaluable insights to inspire business growth

Globalisation has been the cornerstone of many growth activities. Whilst it offers organisations a wealth of opportunity and rewards, it is fraught with challenges that can scupper plans before they get going. But the challenges of international trade can be easily mitigated with strong planning and strategic knowledge of the markets you’re entering. Discover how to succeed in complex jurisdictions, the importance of global ESG requirements and how to stay compliant.
On-Demand Webinar Economic Growth
Trend Micro

From risk to resilience: How to navigate today’s threat landscape

As the number of cyber attacks are rising and becoming increasingly sophisticated, it's crucial your staff know how to avoid a disaster.  Learn how to manage risks of a cyber attack characterised by uncertainty and threats with tips and advice from experts at Trend Micro and Pets at Home.
On-Demand Webinar Cyber Security

Securing a third sector future

Exclusive research from Sage Intacct and Third Sector has uncovered potential for third sector organisations to take advantage of digital skills and technology in order to potentially drive up revenues. This whitepaper discusses the research and highlights why non-profits need to adapt to succeed in an evolving landscape of finance and technology.
Whitepaper Financial Management

Driving employee learning potential, powered by AI

Join us for an immersive exploration into the future of corporate learning, honing in on the transformative power of AI-driven advancements. In this webinar, we will unveil how AI technologies are reshaping talent development, enabling organizations to deliver personalized learning experiences and optimizing upskilling and reskilling like never before.
On-Demand Webinar Artificial Intelligence

From ad overload to ad precision: Transforming digital marketing for better results

The digital landscape is littered with badly-targeted campaigns, intrusive advertising, frustrated consumers and poor ROI. And things are only going to get tougher for marketers with third-party cookies being phased out. A new study by Bango Audiences found that 78% of ad professionals say they need new data sources to reach relevant audiences. While 81% say they’re looking for new technologies and tools to enhance their ability to target specific audiences online. So, how can new tools finally help to reach more relevant audiences and deliver a better customer privacy experience for consumers? In partnership with Bango, this Performance Marketing World expert report seeks to find the answers.
Report Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Marketing Tools

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