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AAR specialises in developing marketing ecosystems that will drive growth in the modern marketing age. With over 45 years of experience, AAR works with brands to design marketing ecosystems, build inspiring partnerships and drive commercial performance.

In an age of complexity and disruption, businesses that can explore both challenges and innovative solutions to their marketing operations with a creative mindset will be better equipped to successfully meet the future. It’s why at AAR we believe in ‘Creative Capital’ — that creative thinking and ideas are the engines of growth, better connecting businesses and customers.

Our purpose is to engineer Creative Capital as an asset throughout the entire ecosystem; across people, partners, platforms and processes, building a culture and an environment that allows creativity to flourish.

Every year, our expert team of consultants have a huge number of conversations with senior marketers, agency leaders, consultants, innovators and technology specialists giving us a distinct edge of knowledge and insight of the marketing landscape to bring a fresh perspective to your challenges.


Cutting through the hype: Industry trends and how brands and agencies are responding

The AAR Agency Trends Report is a thorough investigation of the realities of a changing market as marketers go into 2024. With interviews from 25+ leaders across marketing, including CMOs and senior marketers, agency founders, CEOs, and CSOs, the report offers a snapshot of how the market is responding to developments. What are the myths and misconceptions surrounding these trends? How to support and develop the marketing ecosystem to deliver the best possible results in light of the changing market?


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