Founded in 1999, Workhuman has been committed to building human workplaces that recognize the value and potential of every employee. Today, we help HR and business leaders from some of the world’s biggest organizations like LinkedIn, Cisco, Eaton, Whirlpool, and Intuit build human connections on a global scale to drive ROI. Positive employee experiences are no longer a nice-to-have they are a business imperative.

Workhuman Cloud is a secure SaaS platform with more than six million users in 30+ languages, in 180 countries, generating 100 million instances of human connection. Our solutions fuel company culture through recognition, engagement, performance, work-life harmony, inclusion, and belonging. Combined with the unmatched unique business insights from Workhuman IQ, we provide leaders with proactive insight and tools that can’t be found in any other HR solution. These insights are used to understand issues as they develop and to help make the right decisions to align business objectives to deliver immediate impact.