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How can your agency avoid the canceled pitch?

Agencies spend $12bn a year pitching, but a third of all pitches are canceled. Don’t be the agency who foots the bill. There’s plenty of advice to push back on the process, but where do you start? The Drum has done the hard work for you with a helpful guide full of actionable templates to help you: 1. qualify the opportunity 2. educate the client and 3. transfer the liability in any pitch situation.
Report Operational Efficiency
The Drum

Supercharge your content marketing with The Drum’s masterclass series

Want to supercharge your content marketing strategy but don’t have a team of people to help you execute your ambitious plans? A membership with The Drum provides you with one of the world's largest advertising and marketing platforms, along with one-on-one support, every step of the way.  Now you can join The Drum Memberships' publishing manager, Gavin Jordan, for our latest Masterclass series, where you'll get a sneak peak of some of the learnings available to our members. Learn all the tips and tricks of how you can utilise AI to refresh your existing content without damaging your SEO.  In these sessions you’ll learn how to:
Video Content Marketing Artificial Intelligence

Cutting through the hype: Industry trends and how brands and agencies are responding

The AAR Agency Trends Report is a thorough investigation of the realities of a changing market as marketers go into 2024. With interviews from 25+ leaders across marketing, including CMOs and senior marketers, agency founders, CEOs, and CSOs, the report offers a snapshot of how the market is responding to developments. What are the myths and misconceptions surrounding these trends? How to support and develop the marketing ecosystem to deliver the best possible results in light of the changing market?
Report Marketing Management Marketing Operations

The marketer’s guide to composable content

The guide explores the concept of composable content, a strategy that enables marketers to efficiently design, customize, and publish content across various channels from a single platform. It emphasizes the importance of structured content, consistent messaging, localization, and the integration of emerging technologies for dynamic digital experiences, highlighting Contentful's role in facilitating these processes.
Guide Content Management Content Marketing

Video Marketing Handbook

Explore the latest trends in video marketing, including live streaming, AI, martech integrations, and Vimeo's analytics tools, to enhance your marketing strategy.
Guide Online Video Marketing Video Editing Software Video Hosting

Shopping Ads: Unlocking Success in the Digital Age

The guide offers a comprehensive overview of creating effective shopping ads, emphasizing compelling content, refined ad placements, and performance analysis. It outlines strategies for each stage of the buyer's journey, including product showcasing, customer testimonials, targeted campaigns, and data-driven optimization, crucial for successful ad campaigns.
Guide Facebook Mobile Ads Advertising Social Media Marketing
MOI Global

Connected B2B Experiences The Catalyst for Growth in APAC

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is gaining economic importance, with its share in global GDP expected to rise to around 42% by 2040. However, B2B brands face challenges in adapting their marketing strategies to the unique cultural and regional nuances of APAC, necessitating localization efforts and a deeper understanding of the business challenges behind marketing challenges for successful growth in the region.
Report B2B Marketing

The Case for Multi-Channel Programmatic Advertising

Learn how marketers are leveraging multi-channel advertising throughout the funnel, and which channels are most critical for this strategy. These insights will help you identify multi-channel ad performance, as well as the benefits and challenges of this digital strategy.
Whitepaper Display Advertising Metrics Advertising

Rethinking Third-Party Data Across The Customer Lifecyle

This report examines how, by using first- and third-party data together, marketers can achieve better customer understanding and more accurate targeting, as well as greater scale for their campaigns with greater efficiency, than they can with first-party data alone. 
Whitepaper First-Party Data Third-Party Data