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UNLEASH is the go-to place on HR, breakthrough technologies and the future of work. It is the essential source of news, analysis and market trends that inspire and empower organizational leaders worldwide. UNLEASH is headquartered in London, UK with operations across Europe and the United States. Our Portfolio includes:

UNLEASH World (Paris) – The Most Influential HR Conference and Exhibition in the World and showcases the next wave of breakthrough technologies and the global innovators shaping the future of work.

UNLEASH America (Las Vegas) - The International Festival of HR, where the world's HR Leaders come to do business and discover inspirational stories and know-how that change the way organizations think about HR and innovation.

Ultimately, we provide a platform to share ideas that work, network and do business.

Our mission is to be the world’s #1 marketplace for human resources, recruitment and learning leaders globally.


The Power of NLP for Skills Visibility in 2024

As organizations navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital transformation, the focus on skills development takes center stage. And, in a world dominated by digital evolution, soft skills are emerging as the cornerstone of success. While AI offers incredible tools and automation, the human factor remains irreplaceable.
Webinar Digital Transformation

Driving employee learning potential, powered by AI

Join us for an immersive exploration into the future of corporate learning, honing in on the transformative power of AI-driven advancements. In this webinar, we will unveil how AI technologies are reshaping talent development, enabling organizations to deliver personalized learning experiences and optimizing upskilling and reskilling like never before.
On-Demand Webinar Artificial Intelligence

The Recognition Revolution: The Power of Tech in Modern Workplace Culture

In this UNLEASH webinar watch Mervyn Dinnen, Co-creator at Talent Watch speak with Navin ‘Nuvs’ Jain, Product Evangelist at Workhuman, and Sara Lupi, Global Head of Employee Experience at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare speak about how organizations are harnessing strategic recognition to drive financial growth – talking through use of systems, bias mitigation, and real business outcomes.
On-Demand Webinar Workplace Technology

Data-Driven HCM, People-Centered Outcomes

Having a partner in place that can optimize your operational output, through to enabling your talent strategy and creating an exceptional employee experience is critical in today’s organization. One unified story across the business for financial data and employees is the turning point for bettering data-led insights that will feed into strategic C-level decision-making. But what are the right tools to meet yours and your employee’s needs now, and in the future?
Guide HR Human Resource Technology

Rebuilding talent strategy

Technology can be a tremendous boon to leaders both in and out of HR in helping redesign your approach to talent. Moving to a new talent strategy model won’t be linear, but taking a step back and considering your future skill needs in the context of your wider industry and adjacent industries through the lens of the 4 principles outlined in this guide, will ensure a smoother, more successful journey.
Guide HR Human Resource Technology

HR Technology Market Report 2023

Understand how the economy, labor market fluctuations and continued technology advances are impacting the HR technology landscape. Get an at-a-glance overview of the latest research and insights on the market. Discover what this means for your organization's HR technology plans and investment at the half way point in 2023.
Report HR Human Resource Technology

Find out from Google how to create a culture of innovation

Watch on-demand to:
On-Demand Webinar Innovation