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Customer Experience is now the most critical consideration for any brand. It doesn’t matter how affordable your products are, or how innovative your services could be. Your customers won’t consider your company if you can’t promise amazing experiences.

Customer expectations are now higher than ever, but 93% of professionals believe that access to the right technology could bridge the experience gap. Studies from Twilio indicate that people receive around 63.5 notifications per day, not to mention endless emails, texts, and phone calls. When the time comes to reach out to your business for solutions to a problem, your clients want real, valuable conversations.

Over the years, UC Today has emerged as your one-stop solution for insights into unified communications. Now we believe it’s time to deliver the same solution for CX.


Empowering and Engaging the Modern Contact Center Agent

In this session, we consider how to understand and manage the contact center agents of today, discussing:

  • The changing contact center workforce
  • How KellyConnect empowers and engages its team
  • The role of technology in its approach
  • Advice for other contact centers


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Voice 2.0 and the Rise of Intelligent Voice in CX

Join Rob Scott from CX Today alongside industry leaders, John C'de Baca from Five9 and Michael Windon from AT&T, as they delve into the critical topics reshaping the landscape of customer communications in the digital age. The panelists will explore the evolution of voice tech, the complexities in omnichannel experience and the revolution with AI and automation.


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CX Today's Charlie Mitchell hosts Mark Wood, Senior Product Manager at Streem

In this session, we discuss how businesses can add video to Salesforce, considering:

  • Where can video really add value in support workflows?
  • The challenges businesses encounter when integrating video into their existing Salesforce workflows
  • How to overcome those challenges
  • Examples of Salesforce workflows brands can improve with video
  • Streem as a partner for adding video to Salesforce


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Generative AI - A Sea of Change in CX

Join Genefa Murphy, the Chief Marketing Officer from Five9 and David Dungay, Editor in Chief at CX Today, who explore what generative AI is, how is it affecting the CX industry, and why customers should care about it.


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Drive cost reductions with effective self-service

David Dungay, Editor and Chief of CX Today creates a discussion around how to drive cost reductions with effective self service with the aim to enhance customer experience and resolve rather than deflect customer issues, with Product manager at Mavernoid, Courtney Goodsell.


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