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From ad overload to ad precision: Transforming digital marketing for better results

The digital landscape is littered with badly-targeted campaigns, intrusive advertising, frustrated consumers and poor ROI. And things are only going to get tougher for marketers with third-party cookies being phased out. A new study by Bango Audiences found that 78% of ad professionals say they need new data sources to reach relevant audiences. While 81% say they’re looking for new technologies and tools to enhance their ability to target specific audiences online. So, how can new tools finally help to reach more relevant audiences and deliver a better customer privacy experience for consumers? In partnership with Bango, this Performance Marketing World expert report seeks to find the answers.
Report Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Marketing Tools

The road to effectiveness: How can AI boost your marketing ROI?

Our expert panel will cover: • Challenges in the road of effectiveness for marketeers • AI-powered solution in measurement and optimisation • A case study
Webinar Artificial Intelligence
Rakuten Advertising

Financial habits are changing: Here’s how brands can stay ahead

It’s a whole new world for financial services. The worst cost-of-living crisis in memory, digital transformation and a swathe of privacy regulations have together combined to up-end traditional ways of communicating with consumers. Financial habits are changing, along with how people want to interact with finance brands. Here, we share new research into what consumers want - and how they want to be treated. Find out the six ways people are reacting to a financial market in flux. And discover five ways finance brands can stay ahead and connect effectively with their consumers.
Report Financial Management
Making Science

Smart Advertising: delivering value with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the marketing industry by enabling personalized ads and increasing campaign effectiveness. With the ability to analyze data and optimize ad targeting, AI tools are helping marketers achieve better results and efficiency in their campaigns, addressing challenges such as limited budgets and a complex digital landscape.
Report Artificial Intelligence

How to rocket fuel your attribution strategy in a cookieless world

Attribution is the engine room of marketing – it drives our spend, our insight and our effectiveness. At Performance Marketing World’s webinar, we explore how the impending removal of cookies will impact our industry's ability to drive growth, as well as:  -Identifying wasted spend to boost ROI -Developing a true picture of the customer journey -Futureproofing your analytics for the cookieless future
Webinar Marketing Automation Tools Marketing ROI

Are you a respectful marketer?

You don’t have to pick sides in the personalisation vs privacy debate. Rachel Piggott of Edit, explains why in this expert report, and demonstrates how marketers can both protect their customers’ data while also getting the most out of new technologies. Rachel takes you through five key steps that will help you join the ‘respectful marketing’ movement, and create a lasting and authentic bond with your customers.
Whitepaper Branding CRM Best Practices