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Strategies to Revolutionize Research with Seamless Data Access for Scientists

On-Demand Webinar Data Management System
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In this 30 minute webinar, Rob Brown, Senior Director Product Marketing at Sapio Sciences will take a closer look at laboratory data strategies that put scientists and research first. He’ll cover:

  • Why existing data consolidation approaches aren’t good enough for today’s research projects
  • What a science-aware approach to data means
  • How a complex data landscape of research informatics systems and lab instruments can be simplified
  • The importance of being able to easily search, visualize and analyze your data in a scientific context, and why AI-driven chat interfaces can further amplify these efficiency gains
  • How a science-aware™ data solution that brings analytics to the data can make your scientists more efficient
  • How you can build a business case for implementing a science-aware™ approach to data unification

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