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Voice 2.0 and the Rise of Intelligent Voice in CX

Join Rob Scott from CX Today alongside industry leaders, John C'de Baca from Five9 and Michael Windon from AT&T, as they delve into the critical topics reshaping the landscape of customer communications in the digital age. The panelists will explore the evolution of voice tech, the complexities in omnichannel experience and the revolution with AI and automation.


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Future-proofing your events: Digital strategies for captivating audiences and generating leads

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • The barriers that might be holding you back from true digitalisation
  • Ways to gain a granular view of your audience and how to leverage real-time data to transform your events
  • How to use digital tools to precisely measure the success of your events and demonstrate tangible ROI
  • Best practice examples and top tips on digital maturity, success measurement and more...
  • How to keep the momentum going with technology that nurtures leads and boosts attendee engagement


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How to rocket fuel your attribution strategy in a cookieless world

Attribution is the engine room of marketing – it drives our spend, our insight and our effectiveness.

At Performance Marketing World’s webinar, we explore how the impending removal of cookies will impact our industry's ability to drive growth, as well as: 

-Identifying wasted spend to boost ROI

-Developing a true picture of the customer journey

-Futureproofing your analytics for the cookieless future


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Why inclusive health support is the way forward – and how to provide it

A new PMI webinar on Thursday 27th April, 2pm, produced in partnership with Peppy Health, looks at the reasons businesses should consider offering gender-specific healthcare support to their employees.

We'll cover:

  • How gender-specific support helps develop an inclusive culture
  • Boosting employer brands and creating a positive work culture
  • Attracting and retaining talent with meaningful benefits
  • Offering women gender-appropriate support


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Top Talent Trends for 2023: A Race Against Time?

Talent trends are changing at pace – what is the risk if organizations fail to keep up?

Discover the ‘must do’ actions versus the ‘nice to have’ that will help you harness top talent and their potential.


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Managing leave effectively during the holiday season

This webinar will explore

  • How leave debt can cost your business in more ways than just taxes
  • Planned leave management tips to improve employee wellbeing and reduce burnout
  • How HR can monitor leave taken through the year and encourage employees to use their full allowance
  • How planned leave can help with staff retention and boost employee morale
  • Use cases for not falling into the “leave debt” trap
  • The role technology can play in helping you to plan effectively


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