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The marketer’s guide to composable content

The guide explores the concept of composable content, a strategy that enables marketers to efficiently design, customize, and publish content across various channels from a single platform. It emphasizes the importance of structured content, consistent messaging, localization, and the integration of emerging technologies for dynamic digital experiences, highlighting Contentful's role in facilitating these processes.


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Video Marketing Handbook

Explore the latest trends in video marketing, including live streaming, AI, martech integrations, and Vimeo's analytics tools, to enhance your marketing strategy.


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Shopping Ads: Unlocking Success in the Digital Age

The guide offers a comprehensive overview of creating effective shopping ads, emphasizing compelling content, refined ad placements, and performance analysis. It outlines strategies for each stage of the buyer's journey, including product showcasing, customer testimonials, targeted campaigns, and data-driven optimization, crucial for successful ad campaigns.


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The value of rewards-based engagement

BHN helps businesses develop meaningful incentive programmes to create long-lasting connections with customers and effectively increase customer acquisition, retention and loyalty, at scale.

This guide looks at the benefits of reward-based engagement across the customer lifecycle. It also gives you direct insight showing how the current cost-of-living crisis is changing consumer spending habits.


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