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Empowering and Engaging the Modern Contact Center Agent

In this session, we consider how to understand and manage the contact center agents of today, discussing:

  • The changing contact center workforce
  • How KellyConnect empowers and engages its team
  • The role of technology in its approach
  • Advice for other contact centers


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The Personalization Payoff

The report underscores the critical role of personalization in the buyer-seller relationship, particularly in the digital and remote interactions of the post-pandemic era. It presents data showing a strong correlation between personalized content and buyer engagement, concluding that businesses must equip their sales teams with technology for efficient digital interactions and personalized content creation.


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The marketer’s guide to composable content

The guide explores the concept of composable content, a strategy that enables marketers to efficiently design, customize, and publish content across various channels from a single platform. It emphasizes the importance of structured content, consistent messaging, localization, and the integration of emerging technologies for dynamic digital experiences, highlighting Contentful's role in facilitating these processes.


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Video Marketing Handbook

Explore the latest trends in video marketing, including live streaming, AI, martech integrations, and Vimeo's analytics tools, to enhance your marketing strategy.


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Voice 2.0 and the Rise of Intelligent Voice in CX

Join Rob Scott from CX Today alongside industry leaders, John C'de Baca from Five9 and Michael Windon from AT&T, as they delve into the critical topics reshaping the landscape of customer communications in the digital age. The panelists will explore the evolution of voice tech, the complexities in omnichannel experience and the revolution with AI and automation.


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Shopping Ads: Unlocking Success in the Digital Age

The guide offers a comprehensive overview of creating effective shopping ads, emphasizing compelling content, refined ad placements, and performance analysis. It outlines strategies for each stage of the buyer's journey, including product showcasing, customer testimonials, targeted campaigns, and data-driven optimization, crucial for successful ad campaigns.


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Future-proofing your events: Digital strategies for captivating audiences and generating leads

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • The barriers that might be holding you back from true digitalisation
  • Ways to gain a granular view of your audience and how to leverage real-time data to transform your events
  • How to use digital tools to precisely measure the success of your events and demonstrate tangible ROI
  • Best practice examples and top tips on digital maturity, success measurement and more...
  • How to keep the momentum going with technology that nurtures leads and boosts attendee engagement


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Event Professional Or Digital Content Creator? The Future Of Tech-Enabled Events

The report underscores the need for further digital transformation in the events industry, emphasizing the importance of data management, audience engagement, and digital skills. It suggests strategies like creating content hubs, building communities, extending event lifecycles, and overcoming barriers to enhance digital maturity.


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Enabling Zero Volt Drive Capability for EliteSiC AND90255/D

This guide provides a deep dive into Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices, renowned for their superior efficiency and high-frequency operation. The guide explores the practical implications of driving SiC MOSFETs with a unipolar gate voltage and offers solutions to mitigate parasitic turn-on, enhancing system efficiency. Backed by extensive research and experimental data, this guide empowers professionals to make informed decisions, fully leverage SiC devices, and drive innovation in their respective fields.


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Solutions and Design Considerations for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the design considerations and technological advancements in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), including actuator technology, sensor technology, power solutions, and communication technology. It emphasizes the importance of integrating various technologies and the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in driving innovation in AMRs.


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